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Nonprofit Company
for the Youth of Baranya County
The organization gives home to the Local Youth Government for both the City of Pécs (Youth Round Table of Pécs) and Baranya County and it employs the Youth Rapporteur of Pécs and Baranya County. The Organization also created and fulfilled a research project, to be able to suit the needs of youth, and to help in the development of a mid-term youth conception for the region.  
The Nonprofit Company for the Youth of Baranya County is a member of the HAYICO (Hungarian Association of Youth Information and Counselling Offices) which is the member of the ERYCA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) organization, so it has a widespread contact network and connections to all the information and programmes that young people might be interested in. Among its numerous useful activities, it offers a helping hand in mastering new learning techniques, law cases, NGO or governmental questions, in preparing applications or CVs, finding free-time activities, jobs, or travelling possibilities both in Hungary and abroad.
After several years of continuous work, the organization recognized that it cannot fulfil its main purpose, if it has only one office in the centre of the city. In 2002 a regional Network for Baranya County and a local Network for the City of Pécs were founded, with the participation of local Youth Oriented NGO-s, schools, and the Student Union of the University of Pécs. After two years of continuous work, the Baranya Ifjúságáért Kht. has a unique network of eleven informational offices in the city and six in the county.
Baranya Ifjúságáért Nonprofit Kft.
(Nonprofit Company for the Youth of Baranya County)
H - 7621 Pécs, Apáca u. 2/1., Hungary
Tel./fax: +36-72-211-134
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Youth of Baranya County Non-profit Ltd.| 7621 Pécs, Apáca u. 2/1.| Phone: 72/211-134| e-mail:

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