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Tett-Hely Youth Informational and Counselling Centre
Tett-Hely Youth Information and Counselling Centre offering help to solve the problems rising in their everyday life satisfy their needs for information. It is main task is to find solutions to the problems of young people in it s sphere of action. One of the main stratas is builing up, operating and servicing an informational database of all infant and juvenile related services in the region. The other task is to pass all collected and systematized information to the youth.
The centre professional practice is watched carefully by the alliance of Hungarian Youth Informational And Advisory Service /Hayico/
The centre as the part of HAYICO has to keep to the alliance s trade and ethical codex.
The Tett-Hely Information and and Counselling Centre offers the following services
Youth Informational and Counselling Centre offers the following services:
  • Youth Informational and Counselling Centre
  • Youth civil organization data retrieval and advisory
  • Student advisory service
  • EVS program/sending and host organization/
  • Eurodesk end
  • Office services
  • Trainings, conferences
  • Operating the Infant and Youth Interest Representation Forum
  • Operating the Pecs youth round table

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